Military Wives

ImageIt occurs to me that, in saying “yes” to the man who asked me to marry him, I agreed to more than just matrimony.

Suddenly I’m becoming this weird kind of civilian participant of the same branch of the U.S. military I once talked to a recruiter about joining.

I’m sort of joining the Air Force anyway. Ish.

A Google search for “military wife” returns about 109 million results, including a plethora of resources welcoming me to the “cult” and to the “subculture” of military spouses and families. They’re very supportive.

Lessons my Google search taught me:

  • It’s not as romantic as it sounds to be married to a military man
  • It’s far more romantic than it sounds to be married to a military man
  • It’s worth it
  • It’s painful
  • It’s hard
  • It’s rewarding
  • It’s good for relationships
  • It’s terrible for relationships
  • It makes you strong

They write poetry about how amazing military wives are. Before I agreed to marry an airman, those poems always seemed a bit tacky, a little over-romanticized, a sort of over-the-top coping mechanism.

But, given my newfound propensity to feel tears in my eyes upon hearing certain songs come on the radio, hearing stories of military families who are living through it all…

…I think I might be the one writing sappy, tacky poetry within the year.

I grew up with short, flexible roots. Soon they’ll be very well-traveled, stretched roots.

Dear military wives, I never understood how amazing you are. Still don’t, but I’m getting there. 61 days!


  1. Military men and women and their spouses are a different “breed” of people who are willing to give their lives for the freedom of others…even for others who don’t share their opinions! The word “sacrifice” is often misunderstood by those who never glance at life from a military family perspective. MK’s and their families experience a familiar “giving” that comes with sacrificial service. It’s close but not every member of the military has God in their life…a mission field white unto harvest.

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