importance of getting outdoors

Books and Podcasts That Inspire Me to Opt Outside

Getting outdoors with toddlers graphic

Between the podcasts I’ve been listening to and the books I’ve been reading, the topic of getting outside has been coming up a lot. So much that it started to feel like a message addressed specifically to me: Pay attention. This is important. Do something about it.

When I think back over what I can remember of my 27 years, nature has always been vital. My best memories were made outdoors. And the large chunks of life I’ve spent mostly indoors have been among the most stressful and the least fulfilling.

When I was a child, playing alone outside was my default. Playing with bugs. Making up games. Catching lizards, frogs, horned toads, grass snakes. Later, building forts, and curling up in them with a cheap spiralbound notebook to write poetry.

When I was in college, escaping into the woods on the weekend to hike was the perfect release after a week of nonstop work and study.

I’ve never been a hardcore hiker, biker, camper, or survivalist, but nature has always been there when I needed it. Which has been often.

I’ve noticed that my own toddlers are happier, more well-adjusted, and better at expressing their needs when they spend an hour or more of time outside every day. The difference between a toddler on fresh air and a toddler cooped up in a single approved playspace? Like night and day. We’re made to spend time outside.

These resources are inspiring me to be more intentional about getting my own kids into the wild.  (more…)